How Technology Can Keep Your Senior Family Member Home Longer

As technology has evolved to simplify so many daily tasks, it has also given way to increased opportunities for independence among the senior population. If you have a loved one who is struggling with daily self-care but isn't ready to make the transition to a supportive living environment, technology is making it easier than ever to stay in familiar surroundings and maintain a sense of independence. Here's a look at a few new developments that you should consider to help your loved one.

Natural Treatments For Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye's optic nerve, which transmits images to your brain. The damage is often a result of pressure building up inside your eye that causes an imbalance in the production and outflow of the fluid inside your eye. If left untreated, glaucoma causes tunnel vision, and eventually, permanent blindness. Because most people don't show early warning symptoms of glaucoma, it's important to get regular eye examinations.

3 Things You Can Do That May Relieve Your Knee Pain

If you suffer from knee pain, you know how hard it can be to move around in your day to day life. Whether your pain is from arthritis or an old athletic injury, knee pain can be uncomfortable and frustrating. However, you can still find some relief. Here are a few ways to relieve some of the pain in your knee. Wear the Right Shoes If your knee is already in pain, the wrong shoes can make things worse.

Getting Contacts? Different Types And Using Them For Fashion

It is important that you get your eyes examined on a regular basis to check your vision and eye health. If you have seen your eye doctor and have been told that you need to correct your vision, you may choose contacts over eyeglasses. Below is some information about the different types of contact lenses you may be prescribed, as well as how to use them to make a fashion statement.

3 Signs That You Might Need Arch Support In Your Shoes

You have probably seen arch support insoles that are designed for shoes before, but you may have never thought about purchasing them. A lot of people don't think that they need additional support in their shoes, but adding arch support can help you protect your feet and feel more comfortable throughout the day. Look out for these signs; if you notice that any of them apply to you and your feet, then it might be time to purchase arch support for your shoes.