Visiting A Dispensary? Follow These Dos And Don'ts

With cannabis slowly being legalized in state after state, more and more people are taking their first-ever trips to dispensaries. It's a fun and enlightening experience—shopping for cannabis and cannabis-related items in a real dispensary. To ensure the experience goes well, you should adhere to a few dos and don'ts.

Don't: Forget your identification.

Even in states in which cannabis is legal, you need to be 21 years old in order to purchase and use it. So make sure you bring your driver's license or another form of ID. If you are in a state where cannabis is only medically legal, you will need your medical ID card, too. Without proper ID, you won't get into the shop.

Do: Think about what you might want beforehand.

Before you visit the shop, take a look at their offerings online. (Most dispensaries offer an online cannabis menu in which they list and describe the strains they currently offer.) Come in with at least three or four strains you think you may want to try. Or at least decide if you're looking for an Indica or Sativa strain, two popular ones. The budtender can help you choose between them if you're struggling to make a final decision, but this is much easier than simply asking them to recommend something with no input.

Don't: Push your limits.

If you are new to cannabis, you won't want to go straight for the most potent, THC-loaded strain available. Choose something middle-of-the-road — perhaps a strain that is 10 or 15% THC. It's not "cool" or enjoyable to get too high, too fast, and the cannabis culture doesn't put people up on a pedestal for being able to handle the highest-THC strains or anything. It's all about smoking what you like and staying within the limits of your own comfort.

Do: Tip the budtender.

Tipping is not required, but especially if the budtender helps you make a selection, it is considered polite. Dropping $1 or $2 into the tip jar is acceptable. You might want to leave $5 if you made a really large order. Remember that a budtender is similar to a bartender. Over time, you'll form a relationship with them and they will get to know what you like, so they can make better recommendations and notify you when they get something new and interesting that you might like.

Keep these dos and don'ts in mind when visiting a dispensary so that a good time can be had by all.