Refuting Misconceptions Concerning Mastectomy Bras

A mastectomy can be a lifesaving procedure for you to go through, but it can leave you with the embarrassing cosmetic problem of asymmetrical breasts. While cosmetic surgery can correct this issue, you will have to fully recovery from the mastectomy before undergoing this procedure or it may be too expensive for some women to afford this procedure. To this end, a mastectomy bra may be the perfect option for women in this situation, but you may believe some misconceptions about these bras that can dissuade you from using this option for your undergarments.

Myth: A Mastectomy Bra Will Be Uncomfortable Or Look Unnatural

A common concern among many women may be that these bras will be very uncomfortable or unnatural looking, but this does not have to be the case. Any bra that is fitted incorrectly can be uncomfortable or have a strange appearance, but there are many suppliers of mastectomy bras that will work with their clients to ensure that they have a bra that will perfectly fit your body. 

Once you have been fitted with the bra, there is a chance that it may stretch some after you wear it. If it is stretched too much to comfortably fit you, you may be able to have it adjusted to restore its fit.

Myth: Mastectomy Bras Are Extremely Difficult To Wash

Another common misconception about these bras is that they are difficult to safely wash. This concern often stems for the idea that the prosthetic breast in the bra will be ruined. However, this is not the case because these prosthetics are designed to be easily removed. Once the prosthesis has been removed, you can wash the bra just the same as you would any other. 

Eventually, you will need to clean the prosthesis because it may absorb sweat and start to smell. In order to do this, you will need to gently hand wash the prosthetic using a damp cloth and a small amount of hand soap. Allow the prosthetic to air dry before you place it in the bra, and this can take up to an entire day so make sure to consider this fact. 

When a woman has a breast removed, it can be an extremely embarrassing medical procedure to go through. While it may save your life, the cosmetic effects can be a source of tremendous stress. Luckily, a mastectomy bra may help you to minimize the cosmetic effects of this procedure, and clearing these frequent misconceptions can help you to better understand this option. Contact a local supplier, , such as Kelowna Prosthetics & Orthotics (2006) Ltd, for more information.