3 Things You Can Do That May Relieve Your Knee Pain

If you suffer from knee pain, you know how hard it can be to move around in your day to day life. Whether your pain is from arthritis or an old athletic injury, knee pain can be uncomfortable and frustrating. However, you can still find some relief. Here are a few ways to relieve some of the pain in your knee.

Wear the Right Shoes

If your knee is already in pain, the wrong shoes can make things worse. Shoes provide support to your feet and calves, and if you're wearing the wrong shoes, your calves will ache and become tighter, which affects how your knees feel. Avoid high heel shoes that may compress your knee joints and contribute to any arthritis pain you may already be feeling. Also, be sure to replace walking and running shoes on a regular basis, so that you always have adequate arch and heel support. A simple change of shoes may help your knee feel better. 

Lose Weight

You may not know this, but losing weight can remove some pressure from your knee and can actually reduce any pain you feel. In fact, it is said losing about 10% of your body weight can relieve pain in your knee, as well as a feeling of greater mobility. 

To lose weight in a healthy way, cut down your intake of simple carbohydrates such as pasta and breads. Focus more on green leafy vegetables and lean meats. Adopt a low-impact exercise regimen; you may choose to take up water aerobics or yoga. As your weight begins to drop, you will find that your knee pain may start to fade.

Tone Up Your Belly and Back

Even if you've been successful with weight loss, you may not have the kind of strong abdominal and back muscles you need to support your knee and reduce pain there. How can back and abdominal muscles be important to knee pain? The muscles in your back and belly affect your posture, and when they are weak, your leg bones have a tendency to move inward and remain in an unnatural position. Over time, that can be uncomfortable and contribute to knee and leg pain. If you already have a knee injury or arthritis, you may be in more pain than you might have been otherwise, all due to weak core muscles.

To help your knees, it is necessary to build up your abs and back whenever possible. Core toning exercises such as crunches and plank exercises can strengthen those muscles. In turn, your posture will improve and your knees will be in the best possible position. That will help you find some relief from your pain.

Use the tips in this article to help you relieve knee pain. Talk to your physical therapist, also called a physiotherapist, about more ways to alleviate any pain you're having in your knee. You should also visit a place like Classic Health Medical & Homecare Supplies Ltd; they may be able to recommend knee braces and other physio supplies that might give you some relief.