Getting Contacts? Different Types And Using Them For Fashion

It is important that you get your eyes examined on a regular basis to check your vision and eye health. If you have seen your eye doctor and have been told that you need to correct your vision, you may choose contacts over eyeglasses. Below is some information about the different types of contact lenses you may be prescribed, as well as how to use them to make a fashion statement.


Contact lenses are thin disks that are placed on the surface of your eyes to provide you with correct vision. Almost anyone today can wear contacts no matter the type of vision problem they have. If you decide to get contacts instead of glasses, there are different types you can choose from, including:

  • Disposable Contact Lenses: Disposable contact lenses are made from a flexible plastic. You put a new pair in your eyes in the mornings, and take them out at night and throw them away before you go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you put in a brand new pair of contacts. The main advantage of this is you always have a fresh pair of contacts in your eyes.
  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses:  You wear this type of lens 24 hours a day and seven days per week.  In most cases, the prescription is for 30 days, and then you will receive a new set of lenses. You do have to take the contacts out and clean them, which is usually once a week. These lenses are made from a soft silicone material.
  • Gas-permeable Contact Lenses: These lenses are more rigid than the soft lenses above and made from a durable plastic. They can be used to correct a wide range of problems with vision, such as astigmatism and presbyopia.

Your eye doctor will determine the best type of contact lenses for you.


Besides correcting your vision, contact lenses can also be fashionable if you choose them in different colors. For example, if your eyes are brown, you may want to have blue or green eyes. Some people may even choose to have one brown eye and one blue eye. You may want to get these as a second pair just in case you want to have your normal eye color.

If you choose colored contacts, you will have different tints to choose from, including:

  • Visibility: This type of tint is used to allow you to see your contacts better when you are inserting and removing them. The tint is usually a faint green or blue and may not make a change to your actual eye color.
  • Enhancement: If you just want to enhance your current eye color, you should choose this type of tint. For example, if you have light brown eyes, you may want to make them darker brown.
  • Opaque: If you want to completely change your eye color, you should choose opaque tint. This type of tint even works well if you have very dark eyes. For example, you could change a dark brown to a lighter blue.

If you only want a different color for something like Halloween, it is still important that you get these through an eye doctor like Dr Fernando Eye Care Optometrist. Putting a pair of contact lenses in your eyes that does not fit you properly can scratch your retina and cause other problems.