Turn Your Boring Eye Glass Frames Into Beautiful Works Of Art

For many kids your age, eye glass frames can seem incredibly lame. Though there are designer frames, these rarely truly let you express your personality in unique ways. However, with a little time and imagination, you can add a little pizazz to your dull glasses with these simple projects.

Ribbon Streamers

Ribbon is one of the easiest pieces of art to add to your glass frames. It requires very little raw talent, beyond knowing how to use scissors and tie knots. Create ribbon streamers for your frames using the following steps:

  • Use a ruler to mark off 3" to 6" strips of ribbon
  • Cut the ribbon strips off with your scissors
  • Tie an end of each strip to the frames
  • Adjust the spacing of the ribbons by sliding them up and down the frames until they are even
  • Put on your glasses and let the streamers hang down
  • Unknot your streamer when you're ready to remove or change

Crafting Putty Sculpture

Crafting putty can be used in dozens of different art projects, including making slight modifications to your frame structure. Get a fresh batch of putty in whatever color you like, and perform the following steps to modify your frames:

  • Roll putty into small balls, about 1/8" in diameter
  • Press these balls to your frames until they stick
  • Continue to add balls to the frame to create unique shapes
  • Let the putty dry

One minor problem with this project is that crafting putty can be difficult to remove without a small knife and a little elbow grease. And while you may be able to swap out silly putty for your art projects, it tends to be too brittle when it dries.

Tie Dye Frames

Tie dye shirts are an iconic fashion statement, and it doesn't take much work to dye your glass frames. First, you have to remove your lenses by carefully removing your frame screws and gently storing the lenses and screws in a safe, sealed environment.

Once you've removed your lenses, follow these basic steps to create your wild new frames:

  • Purchase a series of crafting dyes or paints at a crafting shop
  • Carefully squeeze no more than a drop or two of dye or paint on the frames
  • Spread paint carefully across the surface of your glasses with a cotton swab
  • Let your glasses dry for at least 20 minutes
  • Repeat process until you have created a dense collage of color across your frames

While this isn't technically the same process as true tie dying, its a much easier and more effective method of creating the same look on your frames.

These ideas are just the beginning of the exciting world of frame modification. As long as you don't compromise the structure or hurt your lenses, you can use your frames in dozens of projects, all of which will make your glasses more fun to wear. Visit eyeglass providers, such as Londonderry Eyeglasses, for more ideas and information.