4 Unusual Massage Therapy Techniques

Massage therapy has been around for centuries, and it dates back to ancient times. When most people think about massage therapy, they think about a traditional type of massage that is intended to loosen muscles and relieve stress. With the constant advancements in all alternative therapy fields, there are frequently new types of massage techniques being introduced. 

Calming relaxation with snakes

For those with enough courage to withstand being covered with 4 huge Burmese Pythons, a free "relaxing" massage can be enjoyed while visiting in the Philippines. The massage requires the person to lie down on a bamboo bed and then the 4 heavy weight snakes are allowed to slither and massage for a 10-15 minute session. There are certain rules that must be followed during the massage to minimize the chances of inadvertently riling up the snakes. The 2 most important rules are:

  • No blowing air on the snakes, as it can be uncomfortable to them.
  • No screaming out for help, because the vibrations might result in the snakes attacking.

Painless cactus massage 

At several spas around the world, those seeking a relaxing and unique massage can opt for a massage with cactus plants. While such a massage might sound painful to the average person, this particular massage is completely painless. The person will be instructed to lie down on the massage table and then the therapist will use needle-free cactus plants to remove toxins from the skin and rejuvenate the body.

Butcher knife massage

The Chinese culture practices a very beneficial form of massage therapy that uses large butcher knives. Knife massages can alleviate pain and improve blood flow. The person undergoing the massage will be instructed to sit backwards in a chair. The massage therapist will then use a large butcher knife to pound along the back to activate certain pressure points. A strategic technique is used, as the perfect amount of pressure must be used in order to prevent accidentally puncturing the skin.

Healing snail facial

For people seeking a truly unique and effective facial, a snail facial might be considered. During a session, several snails are placed on the face and allowed to slither around as they leave behind a slimy substance. This substance is said to have healing abilities and can promote the healing of many common skin conditions. Many feel that snail massages are superior to traditional facials. These unique facials can be enjoyed in Thailand and in other areas around the world.

So whether a person is traveling around the world or simply looking in their own neighborhood, there are an abundance of unique massage techniques that can be enjoyed. Some of them might seem scary, but with relaxation and trust, the experience can be quite enjoyable, whether snakes, knives or some other strange object is used to perform the massage. For more information, visit a clinic like Minoru Massage Therapy Clinic.