Learn How To Have A More Traditional Funeral After Being Cremated

When people think of cremation, they often associate it with the spreading of ashes over a specific location that a person chooses. That is not the only way that cremation can be handled, though. Cremation can be used as an alternative burial method, if you choose to use a biodegradable urn. The following guide will help you learn how to plan a traditional burial after cremation.

Rent a Casket

When you have the wake before your funeral, people will want to come to your casket to pay their last respects. Walking up to an urn often makes people uncomfortable, because they do not want to imagine their loved one is now ashes. Many funeral homes have caskets that you can rent to use at the wake. The urn can be placed in the casket. The casket can be closed and a picture of you can be displayed on the top to allow people to focus on you rather than the fact that you are now ashes.

Have a Burial

You can have a burial the same way that you would if you were buried in a casket, if you choose to be cremated. A pastor can pray over your grave site, the urn can be lowered into the ground, and then covered to finish the grave. There are biodegradable urns available that you can be buried in so that the urn will break down over time and be absorbed into the ground.

Place a Tombstone

Place a tombstone at the grave site so that your loved ones can easily find the location where you were buried as needed. You want people to easily be able to find you whenever they choose because it may give them comfort to feel as though they can come and talk to you when things are rocky in their lives and having the tombstone will make the process easier for them.

These simple techniques will allow your family members to partake in a funeral and have a place to come to visit when they want to spend time with you. If you are kept in an urn on someone's mantle, the rest of your family will not be able to visit you whenever they choose. The cost to have a cremation funeral will still be slightly less than the cost of a traditional funeral because you will not actually have to purchase a casket to bury in the ground and the plot that needs to be dug will be smaller.

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