2 Home Remedies For Treating Your Sciatica Flare-Ups

If you suffer from chronic sciatica pain, you may already be taking prescription medications, going to physical therapy, and doing exercises at home. However, you may still experience flare-ups and are wonder if there is anything else you can do. If so, you may want to try this homemade liniment.

About The Ingredients

Most of the ingredients found in this liniment can be purchased at pharmacies and many department stores. The olive oil that serves as a carrier oil can be found in any grocery store.

The peppermint oil provides a cooling sensation when it is applied to your skin. After a few minutes, it starts to soak into the tissue and numbs the nerves to give you relief from the pain.

The cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, giving it anti-inflammatory properties. As it absorbs through the skin and into the muscles, it reduces the swelling and tightness that occurs when your sciatic nerve flares-up.

Directions For Making And Using The Liniment

Along with the ingredients listed above, you will also need a small bowl and a warm, wet towel. This will be placed over the liniment to heat it up and speed up the absorption. The heat will also help relax your tired, sore muscles.

In the small bowl, combine a quarter of a cup of olive oil, 15 drops of peppermint oil, and a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. Place the bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds, then let the mixture sit for 15 minutes. This will give the peppermint oil and pepper a chance to diffuse into the olive oil.

After the liniment is ready, use your hand to gently rub it into your skin over the painful area. Then, apply a thin layer on the skin before placing the towel over it.

Relax and allow the liniment to work for 15 minutes. After the time is up, remove the towel and use it to wipe the excess off. Do not rinse your skin. Instead, allow the rest of the liniment to soak in while your skin air dries. It can be used every six hours as you need it for symptom relief.

Using the above home remedy can help relieve the pain and inflammation caused by your sciatic nerve. However, if you find that nothing gives you the relief you desire, you may want to contact a chronic pain clinic, such as Alberta Back and Neck Rehabilitation, to discuss other treatment options available to you.